Mokas Dog Rescue - Story Of Dog Theft By Moca

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aby Hdz! Namaste

Begin forwarded message:

From: "" Date: January 18, 2013, 5:52:53 PM CST

Dear Becky,

My friend Gabriela was out of town for the holidays, while friends and family took care of her son's precious dog, Lola. When the family returned the first week of January, they found that their dog, a Yorkie, was gone. Lola got out and a neighbor that didn't know the family, took Lola to animal control. So Lola was at Mckinney animal control from Dec. 26th to Jan. 2nd. At this time, she was given to MOKA animal rescue - 214-233-6652, she has been texting with a man, a volunteer, named Jimmy there who has not helped her at all. Her family in the meantime, had posted flyers throughout the neighborhood, but no luck. When Gabriela returned from out of town, on January 4th, she knocked on doors all throughout the neighborhood, trying to find Lola - still no luck. Finally, she found the neighbor that had brought Lola to animal control. Animal control denied that there was a Yorkie at their facility then, but after many attempts, they gave her MOKA animal rescue as where Lola was. When she got in touch with MOKA, they told her that Lola was given up for adoption. Her son, Diego just turned 7 yesterday and is heartbroken about his dog and doesn't understand. MOKA refuses to give Gabriela any information about the family that adopted Lola or where Lola is. This just isn't right. No family would wan't to keep a dog, knowing that it is a family pet.

It's really a theft of her dog. It's like losing your child at Walmart, having someone turn her in to the front desk, who sends the child to child protective services and your child is adopted out within days. UNIVISION TV is coming to her home on Monday, January 21st at 10am to interview her about this sad situation. Gabriela's primary language is Spanish, and I feel that she is not getting appropriate attention about this because her grammar is not as good in English. This is why I am writing the email on her behalf.

Attached is a photo of her son and Lola and a link to the McKinney town buzz where she posted. We would like to get an English news channel to cover this because we don't know if the dog's new owner etc… speaks Spanish and Univision is only in spanish. We also like to put pressure on MOKA to make right this terrible injustice.

Gabriela's direct cell phone number is: 469-219-9375. Her email is: Gaby Hernandez -, feel free to contact me on my cell: 214-537-1917 so I can help her and you with the process.

With appreciation and looking forward to hearing from you soon, hopefully!

Michele Wahlder

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Letter to the Editor: How Can We Get Our Dog Back?

TSB Community ContributorJanuary 13, 2013 4:01 pm

Submitted by Gabriela HernandezMy family and I were on vacation during the holidays and my mom stayed with our dog Lola, a Yorkie, at our house. When we returned home, Lola was gone.

The story that we have pieced together is that somehow, our dog got out and one of our neighbors called the City of McKinney Animal Control, which took her to the Collin County Shelter on Dec. 26. The people at animal control gave her up for adoption to Moka Dog Rescue on the 2nd of January. We got home January 3rd at night. On the fourth we went looking door to door looking for her because she's part of our family.

We called animal control since we found out she was there Saturday through Monday. They claimed they didn't have a Yorkie even though our neighbor took her there. On Tuesday, I went to the Collin County Animal Shelter and they told me they did not have her. Finally a volunteer said she remembered our dog and that it had already been given up for adoption, even though Lola did have tags, but they had our former address and phone number on them. They would not give us the information of the people who adopted her.

They told us inhumanely that we could adopt another one. Even though I explained to them that my younger son has been crying, missing her, because we raised her since she was a puppy. No one has helped me, not even the court and we are suffering a lot because we know someone has her and they won't give her back.

Someone from the police department commented that you guys could help me! I'm desperate and feel it's not fair that they allowed Lola to be adopted, especially during the holidays when so many people travel.

I hope you can help me pursue my case to find the person that has my dog. I hope the people who adopted our dog might read this and understand and be willing to contact me.


Gabriela HernandezMcKinney resident

Photo: Diego with his dog, Lola

Review about: Pet Rescue.

Mokas Dog Rescue - DO NOT adopt from Moka's Dog Rescue

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We adopted a dog from this rescue and 3 weeks later she had a liter of puppies.The contract we signed guaranteed that the rescue would spay her & give her shots.

They are not refusing to do both. They wanted to kill all of her puppies even though we found homes from all of them and they all received their shots. Jim is very unorganized and NOT professional at all. He does not mind cussing you out on the phone.

He told me we shut down his rescue & then we call Petsmart in McKinney and they say he's there every month! LIAR, SCAMMER, DO NOT ADOPT FROM HERE!!!

He gets his dogs from Collin County Animal Shelter so if you want one go there instead!!!!We've heard multiple complaints about him!

Review about: Pet Rescue.


Princeton, Texas, United States #772381

I am trully sorry for the heartbreaking health deteration that your new adopted family friend is suffering through, I know how hard it must be on you and your family to have to go through such a sad emotional roller coaster after welcoming your new family member with open arms, overwhelming joy and happiness prepared to make life long memories with your friend.Sadly I do have to say,"Its NOT MOKAS fault that the dog is or was ill.

They are not the pets owners and are unaware of every health issue or behavior issue, they are just lending a loving caring hand in some cases 1 last attempt to find a loving new home. From the kindness of there Big hearts, Mokas are these pets last hope at finding a loving caring home. if we required mochas 2 free form a hundred point wellness check on each animal that they are trying to adopt out then it becomes very costly adoption fee on our end which would then trickle down too many pets not being able to be placed in a home do too unreasonable adoption fees. Mokas have to keep the adoption fee reasonable in order tobe successful in their mission of finding each pet a new happy healthy loving home.

If having a perfectly healthy dog is important to you then maybe you should have gotten a health and wellness checkup exam on the dog before finalizing the adoption or adopt a puppy either or it is not the responsibility of mokas to ensure that we receive pets that are 100 percent perfect. There job and duty is to try n find each...

Mokas provides all new pet owners with a New Pet packet that has coupons for a free wellness checkup which you are expected to utilize and if there is something found to be wrong with the dog your interested in then by all means, Talk to Mokas and they will help find a solution or resolution to the matter. mokas dog rescue does clearly state the day will take the dog back without hesitation. Now of course it doesn't seem to be the ideal situation nor a situation you think you would ever be faced with however, it is the option that is discussed to us all upon adoptation of a pet from mokas dog rescue and I know this because I myself just adopted a pet with them that I am very happy with. My dog did infact also have health issues and also anxiety issues, housebreaking issues and when i brought this to the attention of Mokas they expressed there appologies but at the same time also assured me that everything was an easy fix and gave me all of the resources that I needed in order to reach out and resolve my pets issues.

They were very helpful I'm very sincere in the fact that it is hard adopting a new pet and sometimes they're just not as perfect as we would like them to be but with a little work they can be, after all these are Rescued Animals that need alot of TLC & ATTENTION. I have been nothing but satisfied with Mokas. Mokas was nothing but kind and sincere with every situation and very easy to work with. There very concerned about the well being of each and every pet and honestly, we truly need more people like them to help save so many abandoned animals from being euthanized.

again I am sorry for the Miss Fortune it health of your newly rescued friend however as mokas told me I will also tell you, "Unfortunately with the animals being rescue animals it is impossible for us to know everything about every animal therefore we do the best we can at educating ourselves however, there may be some things that are left on scene by us that are discovered upon adoption but rest assured everything every situation has a solution.

I am just a recet new pet owner of a rescue from mokas have experienced nothing less than patience, understanding and kindness and willingness from the Mokas team.I apologize for the improper pronunciation and grammar and misspellings as I have performed this reply from my smartphone and I'm in a hurry so please forgive the lack of all of the above but I hope I have gotten my point acrossand shed some light on what should and should not be expected of mokas dog rescueand what is expected of us when taking on a rescue anima.

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to Baxtersmama #774818

You are so correct!!MOKAS Dog Rescue is a God Send a Saving Grace if you will for the lost, abandoned, abused, misplaced and even sometimes ill animals who all need and deserve a loving caring home.

They have helped save thousands of dogs and instead of bashing them or pointing out there fault s everyone including the ones who may have been hand picked buy the good Lord & Dog irself to adopt a ill dog that needed more medical attention than most.happens for a reason everything happens for a purpose if you're going to pick up the negatives and everything then you're going to find them why not try picking out the positive in the situation!!


Holliewood4 - Please do us all a favor and find an editor before you post another message or comment.

Moka's Dog Rescue is an excellent organization. MDR, as well as all dog rescues, should be commended for taking dogs out of shelters, and working diligently to find them homes (i.e. promoting the dogs online, spending every weekend porting the dogs back/forth to adoption events, etc.). We need more dog rescues! Otherwise shelters would be worst off than they are now, and more dogs would be euthanized. The fact that you want to ruin this organization is disgraceful.

I adopted a fabulous puppy from MDR, and I was extremely pleased with how they handled the adoption. Additionally, twelve other dogs were adopted the same weekend as mine. Thank you MDR for making this happen!


We adopted a dog from Moka's Dog Rescue, and we are very very Happy with our new addition to our family!!! Check out there Facebook page and you will find many other happy adoptive families!!!!


We adopted a 10 yr old dog from Moka's Rescue.We were told that she was spayed and was up to date on her shots.

A trip to my vet for her visit revealed that she has a massive heart murmur...a 5 out of a 6. The vet was shocked that this was not disclosed to us b/c you can feel it thru her chest. She had a large amount of fluid around her heart and lungs. After a few weeks of trying to get ahold of the rescue, they finally responded and only offered condolences.

By this time, we love the dog too much to get rid of her and she is completely bonded with us.

currently she is on two medications to keep the fluids down.I would not adopt from this rescue again.


Of course! All the puppies are spayed and neutered and up to date on all vaccinations! We had to reshot and spat the mom (the dog we adopted) on our own since we never got the records for her and he never spayed her even though we paid for it.


You ARE going to make sure the puppies never reproduce, right? He really should have done a spay/abort before putting her up for adoption.

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